10th Anniversary of the Dread Blog & GenCon

Today, as WordPress reminds me, is the 10th anniversary of this here blog, started a decade ago to celebrate the fact that Dread had been nominated for three ENnies! In the end, the game took the gold a surprise fourth category.

Next week, Dread and I return to GenCon, ten years older and a few years wiser. If you happen to be at GenCon and you want to play some Dread, Games On Demand is where you want to be. Not only with there be several Dreads, including hacks and descendants such as Dread: Jurassic Park, Heroic Dread, Dread Dinosaur Edition, and The Dread Geas of Duke Vulku. Plus so many other games!

I will, in fact, be there quite a bit. If you stop by, say hi!

Struck Gold

It was a complete surprise, but Dread won itself an ENnie. But here’s the trip: it wasn’t for either of the ENnies we were nominated for. This year they presented two judges’ choice awards for games and products the judges wanted to recognize. The first was the Grognard award for the most old school products. The silver went to Goodman Games and the gold went to Necromancer Games. The second was for innovation. The silver in this category went to Atomic Sock Monkey’s Truth & Justice, a game I really need to check out. And the gold ended up around the very neck of your humble narrator. They said so many wonderful things about Dread that modesty and euphoria induced amnesia prevents me from repeating here.

GenCon ’06

The Impossible Dream crew will be at GenCon attending the ENnie ceremonies and stumping for our games. Dread will be for sale at the GPA booth (#1835) and there will be plenty of demos hosted each night. If you’d like to try a game of Dread, check out the schedule below. All of our games are currently full, but a seat may open up at the last minute or if we get enough overflow, we may try to host a pick up game or two.

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