About Dread the Blog

Dread was conceived of in the last years of twentieth century and finally reached publication in August of 2005. While writing it, I constantly tested the game on strangers and fans alike in basements and convention halls. A desperate attempt was made to force all that we learned during these trials into this tiny 167 page book. Alas, it was a physical impossiblity. And things have only gotten worse since it’s publication.

But Dread is a game of hope as much as it is of horror. And to this hope we cling. If all works out, this blog will house all the homeless ideas that now surround Dread.

A note on terminology: I’ve borrowed the terms Flesh and Marrow from the rule book to help categorize some of these posts. However, to better fit the purpose of the blog, a little redifining is in order. Flesh will remain the same, and indicate posts that expand upon or illustrate the rules with examples. Since this blog would be of very little use as a reference guide during play, Marrow will now denote posts that look behind the rules and examine why they are the way they are.

4 thoughts on “About Dread the Blog

  1. Hey I’m interested in picking up the rulebook for this game for my group, I was wondering if you knew the shipping costs for Scotland? Cheers

  2. HI
    I bought and played it yesterday; Because I think it is fun. I do have two Questions tough.
    1) My players started to do nothing. They didn’t wanted to take actions because they have t draw. How can you bring players to more actions?
    2) A PC wanted to tend to the wounds of an other PC. If he didn’t made the draw, how could I explain it that he died during medical treatment.

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