Trust & Betrayal

Cooperation between the players’ characters in Dread usually takes the form of the players divvying up the pulls, sharing the responsibility and the risk. And this works largely because it lets each individual player experience a little ease in their burden without tampering with the pacing of the game.

But recently, in Piratecat’s ever-growing ENworld thread on Dread, there was a request for a mechanic that helped to focus the game on trust between the characters, and this inspired the following optional rules.

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Dread on the Air

Invasion of the podcasts here. In the past few months I’ve had the opportunity to chat it up with some prominent podcasters out there. For your enjoyment, I offer my Independent Insurgency interview with Rob Bohl. And the wonderful folks over at The Game Master Show were kind enough to record a Dread game (starting with the character creation at episode 36 and ending with the review session at episode 40) and then talk to me about it afterwards (episode 41).