Dread International

Isolation is becoming more and more difficult these days, what with the Internet and relative ease of international shipping. Dread is seeping into corners of the world I never dreamt it would infest.

During the early days, before the book was published, I’d hear from the occasional player in some distant city of the U.S. who learned to play the game from a friend of a friend who played in one of our demonstrations at one of the many conventions we attended. The idea that someone in San Diego or Pittsburgh was enjoying Dread thrilled me.

Since its release in August of 2005, I’ve heard from players beyond the United States, in places like Israel, Australia, England, Italy, Finland, France, and Germany. And I can’t describe how delightfully odd it feels to know there are folks across oceans playing Dread in foreign languages.

And to be reviewed by them! German, Italian, French and a little piece from home.


6 thoughts on “Dread International

  1. Just ordered my copy from Indie Press, which will hopefully be flying to UK shortly to be used with a group in Birkenhead, that’s near Liverpool (you know where The Beatles came from).

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