Over the weekend, I hosted a game for a few friends of mine, and one of them was kind enough to write up an account of their trials, and post it in a couple corners of the Internet. For the curious, I thought I’d provide the questionnaires we used. I had prepared four, but only had three players. The first was to become Darryl Turner; the second, Gavin “Irish” McGrath; and the third, Slim. The fourth went unused that night.

You were a foreman at this mine six months ago when the men started to disappear, why have you chosen to cross the picket lines now?

What have you been doing these past six months to make ends meet?

What irrational fear almost kept you from working as a miner?

What have you snuck back to the mine that you don’t want the others to find out about?

Before becoming a miner you showed promise as an amateur at what sport?

When was the closest you have come to death and how has that changed you?

When you have to make the tough choices at work, where do you turn for your strength?

You are never caught without your trusty what?

What part of your appearance are you particularly proud of?

What is your name?

Aside from leaving your home country to find a better living in America, what sacrifices have you had to make to support your family?

What experiences from the old country still haunts you nightly?

Before landing this job as a miner, what shady things did you do for money?

What is your biggest source of pride?

What health condition are you developing that makes extended periods of physical activity difficult?

What personal affect do you always carry with you?

What makes you uniquely talented for mining?

When are you at your calmest?

What do you consider more precious than your own life?

What is your name?

You’ve been dragged a long way across the country to dive into this mine, why do you think that is?

But you appreciate the work, because of what that you had to do to make ends meet these past five years?

Most people who first meet you are surprised to hear about what line of work you are in. Why is that?

When you were a kid, what hobby did you have that bordered on obsession?

Most people are afraid of the dark, claustrophobic places you work, but you are not. What unusual thing are you terrified of?

What tools do you never go beneath the earth without?

What is the most unusual thing you found in a mine?

How old were you when you started catching glimpses of the near future?

In your opinion what is your best feature? Do others agree?

What is your nickname and how did you get it?

Your father was a miner as was his father before him, how do they feel about you becoming an engineer?

You originally refused to help in this situation, but the government did what to convince you otherwise?

What were you doing when you supposed to be studying the layout and structure of this mine?

What are the tools of your trade that you brought with you?

Times are tough for everyone, but how have they especially been tough on you?

Which childhood memory do you have that often wakes you in cold sweats in the middle of the night?

What distinctive flair in personality or appearance are you known for?

When you are nervous or anxious, what do you tend to do?

When was the last time you were violent? What happened?

What is your name?


5 thoughts on “Crawlspace

  1. Read the AP. Sounds like a great story! I’m just wondering at what points in the story were pulls made? What things did you require multiple pulls etc.

  2. “Irish” here-

    The first pull was to not be heard by the NPCs in the mineshaft.

    Multiple pulls for my character were to shoot the enemy (1 pull), only use one bullet(1 pull). For other characters – stab enemy with syringe(1 pull), push down plunger(1 pull) and avoid getting hit (1 pull); another character – crawl through tunnel (1 pull), do it quickly (1 pull).

  3. Were there any calls for that “extra pull”? The one that gives you a bonus? I’d guess on that “do it quickly” crawly thru tunnel one?

    I’m really curious about that mechanic and how it works. It seems like in the rules, you can say I’m Going the Extra Mile (or whatever) and the Host then decides what bonus you get.

    Did I understand that right? I’ve only read the rules once and haven’t yet played. Though I want to!

  4. I just posted some of the ways the system handled things on both the thread, and the one in the Dread forum. That might answer some of the questions.

    As far as voluntary pulls are concern, I believe Herzy asked for a few, but the only one I can clearly recall is the pull in the beginning to see if he might have known where the previous miners had disappeared.

    The voluntary pulls often stem from someone saying something like, “Can I look particularly graceful when I catch the book?” I’d let them do it, if they are willing to pull for it. In such a case, it’s hard to tell if the pull was a voluntary one, or one I requested, but the distinction doesn’t really matter.

    The most common, clear-cut voluntary pull request I get is pulling to be extra aware or careful when moving around.

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