Struck Gold

It was a complete surprise, but Dread won itself an ENnie. But here’s the trip: it wasn’t for either of the ENnies we were nominated for. This year they presented two judges’ choice awards for games and products the judges wanted to recognize. The first was the Grognard award for the most old school products. The silver went to Goodman Games and the gold went to Necromancer Games. The second was for innovation. The silver in this category went to Atomic Sock Monkey’s Truth & Justice, a game I really need to check out. And the gold ended up around the very neck of your humble narrator. They said so many wonderful things about Dread that modesty and euphoria induced amnesia prevents me from repeating here.


3 thoughts on “Struck Gold

  1. Congrats, Ep! From the little I know about game awards, winning an ENnie is no small feat!

    So yeah. You promised tits, by the way. And a copy of Dread for yours truly. I’ll pay for both, I swear!

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